She owes her sister everything…

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About the book

Nikka and Maggie Phillips have grown up in a volatile household, where their mentally unstable mother has a particular animosity for Maggie.  She works hard to get away from her mother, moving away for college where she thrives in her new city while remaining close with her sister. Her deepest wish is that Nikka could join her and the sisters could live a normal life. Nikka, however, continues to reside with their parents out of a sense of obligation and loyalty. 

Maggie’s life is turned upside down by a catastrophic event that threatens her hard-won independence and love for her sister.  She struggles to cope with her new reality at the cost of all the things she holds dear in her life, and her hopes of having a successful, normal life are now shattered.   

About the author

Kathleen Lee

Kathleen Lee has been an avid reader all her life.  She loves all kinds of fictional literature and has a deep love of historical fiction especially anything to do with the Tudor era.  During a working stint that had her commuting by bus for two hours a day, she went from reading five or six books a year to reading about 20 books a year.  This inspired her desire to complete her first novel. 

Writing has always been a part of her life.  Even while working in the IT field, she found ways to incorporate her writing skills into all aspects of the job.  Any time she’s travelled, she has kept daily notes about her experiences and transformed them into wonderful travel logs to share with friends and family.

Kathleen finds inspiration for her work in ordinary places and events.  During her career and throughout her life, she’s met many wonderfully varied people and has woven some of their characteristics and events into her storytelling. 

Kathleen lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband Matthew and their two cats.  She’s the mother of a son, step-mother of a son and daughter and grandmother to her grandson.  Whiteout is her debut novel.


$19.95 + shipping


$15.95 + shipping


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